Health Concerns - Back-related Pain - Lumbago - Sciatica

Back Pain Therapy in Delhi
What is back pain about?

If you've ever groaned, "Oh, my aching back!" you are not alone. Back pain is one of the most common medical problems, affecting 8 out of 10 people at some point during their lives. Back pain has many faces. It can be a short severe episode or a long on-going chronic or recurrent pain. It can severely interfere with work and daily activities. It can affect your muscles and make you weak, it can even affect your thoughts and emotions. There are many potential causes of back pain with subsequent complications possibly even increasing the pain.

What is Sciatica and Lumbago?

"Lumbago" is defined as an acute pain in the lower lumbar spine area, often occurring very suddenly and severely restricting movement for a few days.

"Sciatica" or "sciatic nerve pain" is a pain radiating down the leg due to a nerve irritation, often caused by a herniated disc (a disc prolapse), a disc protrusion or other mechanical issue in the spinal canal or the nerve root canal (e.g. a synovial cyst from the facet joint or a spinal stenosis).

What can AktivOrtho Tm do for you?

First of all, you will require a thorough clinical examination. This can rule out any possible serious issues and determine the actual cause of the pain.

Secondly, you will require a proper prognosis and a treatment plan. These two steps are very important. Determining the actual cause of the pain and the problem allows us to develop a treatment plan unique to your needs that can be applied and followed through over a period of time together with our doctors and other medical professionals. We will show you the best way to eliminate the cause of your pain and the pain itself. Treatment plans involve both passive and active elements with the latter requiring you to train hand in hand with our physio and sports therapists to get you out of your pain and back on your feet. Non-active treatment will not be sufficient to solve your pain problem – you will need to get active.

Back Pain Therapy in Delhi
AktivOrtho Tm is both independent and co-operative

Most important for you to know is that we will offer you independent advice, which depending on your problem, may or may not require the co-operation of other specialists including surgeons. As a former surgeon, Dr. Mueller believes that many problems can be solved in a conservative, non-invasive way. However, there may be occasions where it will be necessary to refer a patient for alternative treatment, even surgery, but we will decide this with you and in close co-operation with your specialists.

Active vs. passive treatment?

The most effective solution for most back problems is a combination of both active and passive treatment. Passive treatment is everything that is done to you including physiotherapy, medication, injections and sometimes even surgery. This can help relieve the pain short term but it often does not help you long term because your own healing potential remains unused.

This is where the active part comes in. Active treatment means you, together with the physio- or sports therapist, train 1 on 1 to build up your physical strength and restore you to your physical equilibrium long-term. Formerly it was believed that one should have prolonged rest when suffering back pain. It is now known that a well tailored, active treatment program with a gradual increase of intensity is the best measure to relieve and resolve pain long term.

We at AktivOrtho Tm have computerized equipment that allows us to check the fitness of your back very precisely and, according to the results we will develop a personalized treatment program to help you train your back safely and effectively for long lasting pain relief.