Health Concerns - Post Surgery Rehabilitation

"Doctor, doctor, will I be able to play the violin after surgery?"
"Of course, you can."
"Oh great, I always wanted to play violin."

(Groucho Marx)

For many conditions, surgery is unavoidable or is the best solution at a particular time. In general, surgical procedures have been greatly improved over the last decades, complication rates have gone down and more and more minimally-invasive techniques have been developed and implemented. Hygienic standards have also improved making total knee or hip replacements much safer procedures. The high volume of surgery has also made operations more standardized and faster.

Despite these successes of surgery itself, many people are still limping after a total joint replacement, some sportsmen still have trouble in sports performance after their knee ligament repair and other patients experience recurring pain and aches some time after surgery.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation in Delhi

Many of these post-surgical problems can be avoided by a follow-up, professonal rehabilitation treatment program. This begins with the post-surgical care straight after surgery, continues into the build-up phase, which then helps the patient to return to his former level of function. We would then continue to help the former patient to maintain his newly acquired level of function by providing him or her with a tailor-made medical training therapy (MTT) program which is best performed in a specialized institute like ours.

As in the Groucho Marx joke above, surgery only provides the pre-condition. It cannot make you a marathon runner in of itself. You need to apply the proper follow-up rehabilitation treatment program to return to your original state. Only then can you benefit from the real success of the surgery. Surgery is the first step but rehab needs to follow closely after it.