Health Concerns - Reduced Functionality - "Unfit"

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Many of us are mentally performing on a high level but at the same time are physical "underperformers".

Maybe we are in the recovery phase of an injury or a disease, which slow us down. Maybe it happened just over time or due to the fact that all other things were considered to be more important than looking after our body in a conscious active way.

When we have not taken care of our body, it will eventually tell us.

How do we find out?

First of all, you have realized yourself that you are not able to perform as you used to. We at AktivOrtho Tm will find out, what exactly it is that is keeping you from doing what you were previously capable of doing.

An effective physical examination is important. After this we will carry out a series of functional tests including computerized assessments. These test results achieved using modern rehabilitation equipment not only give us an exact picture of your current status but together with your medical history, allow us to develop a personalised program to get you back on track.

Most of all, such tests help us to track your progress and improvement over time whether you have done your training program with us or on your own. Even after many years we are able to compare your performance against your original test results.

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Step by Step

After the analysis of where you are right now, we will give you a tailor made program for improvement. This program takes into account any health complaints, your medical history, your present physical status and what you want to achieve: be it training for ski-ing with strong and stable knees, playing 18 holes of golf or just getting back to your normal activities of daily life after an injury or surgery.

We at AktivOrtho Tm will guide and help you to achieve your goals, step by step.