Philosophy - Body and Mind

The mind and body work in unison.

The bio-psycho-social technique basically means addressing your problem of chronic pain in three ways:

  • Bio - your physical structure such as bones, joints, muscles, inter-vertebral discs etc.
  • Psycho - how you think and feel about the problem
  • Social - how the problem affects your social behavior or life, be it at work, home or at leisure

They are mutually dependent; one influences the other. For example, when you have a problem with your back and you have additional mental stress, it is very likely that the back pain increases. Alternatively, when pain endures for a long time, it will start to affect your thoughts and emotions.

The need to evaluate and address the psychological and social aspects of any illness in conjunction with the physical factors so as to ensure successful treatment leads us to assess pain management using the "Bio-Psycho-Social" technique.

Many people suffering from chronic back pain find that their thoughts and emotions are also influenced by this constant or recurring pain. You may start to avoid certain activities, not only sports, but also other social activities like going out and seeing friends because of the perceived expectation of further pain or discomfort after an hour of sitting etc. This in turn reduces your function even more. Your mood may also change.

In fact, many people with long term, on-going pain have a tendency to develop a mild or moderate form of depression. The good news is that when your physical needs are addressed properly; this downward cycle can be turned around. As soon as you start to feel that you are getting physically better, you will also begin to feel the benefit mentally. The result being that both body and mind slowly but continuously improve together in an upward cycle. At AktivOrtho Tm, we will work with you to get your body and mind back working in unison.