Philosophy - Active & Passive Therapy

"We bring modern orthopaedic rehabilitation to India."

An inactive and untrained body is not able to meet the daily physical requirements of life.

Today's modern, fast-paced lifestyle very often comes at the price of disharmony between body and mind. Whilst information and mental demands increase, the body is progressively neglected and under-utilised. At the same time and probably as a consequence, many people experience increasing back and neck pain, and other associated joint and muscle ailments. An inactive and untrained body is not able to meet the daily physical requirements of life. Furthermore, inactivity increases the risk of incurring other health problems be it heart and vascular, becoming overweight and or, potentially metabolic disorders etc.

This inactive mindset also exists in therapy. Many therapies are passive. The therapist or the surgeon does something with or to the patient; it is expected that he should fix the problem. Most of these therapies are useful, but they are lacking the – immensely important – active element.

What AktivOrtho Tm wants to introduce to India is the active part of orthopaedic treatment as it is successfully performed and widely used in western countries. Active treatment requires active patient participation whilst at the same time addressing individual patient needs. For example addressing their limitations, the period of time it is after an injury or a surgery and many more aspects.

Of course, this active approach is combined with other effective passive forms of treatment. We provide professional physiotherapy, massage, electrotherapy and other modalities in our centre. Furthermore, we cooperate with surgeons, external physiotherapists and other specialists to provide the most comprehensive form of treatment. We all need to do something for our body actively and indeed pro-actively.

People may have certain limitations, need proper guidance and may feel that a fitness studio is not the right place for them to go. We have a solution for these people. We offer medical training therapy (MTT) where a physiotherapist trains 1 on 1 with the individual helping to prevent recurrence or occurrence of back, neck and other orthopaedic problems. It is a lot like going to a fitness club only the individual tends to feel more secure working out in a medically supervised environment.

Step by step we help people increase their physical abilities.

You will feel the difference.