Clinics for Physiotherapy in Delhi

AktivOrtho Tm as a concept follows a patient-centric treatment approach providing individualized treatment and care. We offer solutions that will guide you to recovery from an injury or ailment through to leading a better, healthier and more active life. Our principles are based on the belief that every individual's lifestyle, fitness level and goals are different.

We believe that it is possible to prevent a number of orthopaedic ailments by identifying bad habits early and by staying active and healthy. Our treatment programs are designed with all of these factors in mind in conjunction with a team of specialists from all areas of orthopaedic and sports medicine; orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, massage therapists. Our qualified team of specialists working together under one roof enables us to offer a wide range of solutions.

The solutions we provide at AktivOrtho Tm include Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Prevention, Sports Medicine and medical training therapy (MTT) that can treat the following:

  • back pain and neck pain, disc prolapse
  • muscle-related complaints, myofascial syndromes, muscular imbalance
  • sports injuries and over-use symptoms
  • degenerative changes e.g. osteoarthritis
  • osteoporosis, pelvic floor insufficiencies, post natal back pain
  • physical impairments following severe illnesses such as cancer, strokes
  • And many more.

All of our specialists work in close collaboration and practice a combination of both passive and active therapy whereby we not only treat your ailment but also train you to maintain your optimal level of strength and flexibility. Our treatment centre includes best of class, western-trained staff working with the latest technology.

Our team has been trained to the highest standards and have proven experience in their fields of specialty. Because AktivOrtho Tm provides a wide range of offerings, we can provide a treatment program that best fits each patient's requirements:

  • Should you want to know about the condition of your muscles, back and your joints, one of our orthopaedic Check programs will provide the answers.
  • Our medical training therapy (MTT) program is suitable if you are recovering after a treatment or want to improve your overall fitness level.
  • For chronic or recurring back and neck problems, we provide a thorough orthopaedic examination followed by a back and neck treatment program.
  • For sports injuries, a combination of orthopaedic, physiotherapy and rehabilitation can be your solution.
  • For women, we can provide specialised treatment programs to strengthen their muscles which helps decrease the risk of osteoporosis. Indeed, we can also provide programs addressing pre and post natal conditions such as reduced pelvic floor insufficiency.

All of AktivOrtho's Tm treatment programs include a combination of passive and active therapy.

Our highly trained medical therapists work in close collaboration to resolve your acute or chronic ailments and create a treatment program that will help prevent recurrence of these issues. Our treatment programs do not stop when you leave the centre.

Our programs are designed to help you increase your fitness level throughout your life. After getting people better we want to keep them better. Thus we offer medical training therapy (MTT) within a medically supervised environment where you can feel safe and secure in maintaining and indeed improving your fitness level. With trained sports and physiotherapists always on hand you can focus on getting and staying fit knowing that you are doing your exercises in the correct and most optimal way.