Solutions - Passive vs Active Therapy

Non-invasive Ortho in Delhi

Our goal is to help you long term.

With passive therapy and physiotherapy, we can help you in the short term. This is very important and most often the first part of a treatment program. But as long as you use passive treatment, i.e. someone does something to you, this will not be enough to achieve a long lasting effect.

For long term results, you need to build up your muscles and flexibility. Once you are in better shape, you will not only feel better but you will be able to do more of what you want to do in sports or daily life. Furthermore, you will have built up a much better resistance against further problems.

The same applies to a surgery: a ligament reconstruction (e.g. an ACL reconstruction) or a total knee replacement or a total hip replacement will not give you a longer walking distance by itself. In fact, many people, who fail to follow a proper rehabilitation program, are still limping long after their surgery.

The passive treatment, be it surgery, massage or acupuncture can help with immediate pain relief. The active treatment keeps you going long term.