Terms & Conditions

  • Patient needs to pre-pay for the sessions booked either online or visiting the centre, then only treatment can be provided. The non-payment of the session may lead to cancellation of the session which will be termed as “no show” and dealt accordingly in cancellation policy
  • Patient who are visiting the centre first time need to carry their medical history, X-rays, ultrasound report, other diagnosis reports etc for proper examination by our doctors so that treatment plan may be decided.
  • Consent forms are part of our ongoing process and to be signed before the treatment.
  • New patients need to plan their visits (subject to local traffic conditions) in such a manner that they reach centre 15-30 min prior to the booked slot to fill up consent forms and patient questionnaire. This will ensure no time loss for the booked slot.
  • Patients utilizing more time in treatments will have to pay for the extended time utilized in treatment. For further information, patient may contact centre’s front desk. Minimum billing will be done for 15 minutes.
  • Elderly patients are advised to come with their attendants.
  • Wheel chair will be provided by the centre if patient needs wheelchair in the centre
  • If patient is on specific medication or utilities, he/she should bring it along with him/her
  • Parking of vehicles at the centre will be at vehicle owner’s risk. AktivOrtho will be not held responsible for any theft or damage.
  • Discounts are part of ongoing offers and are available for limited period.
  • All the services underlying in a plan must be utilized/availed by the patient within prescribed time period or they will lapse without any refund to the patient subject to terms and conditions in your plan. AktivOrtho reserves right to allow the extension of time period with/without payment. For more information, check the terms with centre’s customer service desk.
  • No two discount offers and vouchers can be clubbed at the same time.
  • AktivOrtho reserves the right to change the above mentioned terms and conditions as and when required.

All Customers Please Note:

  • We are not accepting old currency notes of rs.500 & 1000 as per the hon’ble prime minister’s order.
  • We are accepting new currency notes only.
  • Please ensure that you get a cash receipt against cash payment made by you.
  • Please furnish your pan no. On cash payments exceeding rs. 50,000.