Testimonials - Paediatric Physical Therapy

Patient's PictureDuncan
(Duncan's parents shared their experiences on behalf of their son)

The rehabilitation process of my son at AktivOrtho has been excellent and the quality of care above par.

ADHD Disorder

We learned about AktivOrtho from the American embassy school. My son, Duncan, then nine years old, was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder alongwith low spectrum ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). We came to the centre in November 2015 for physiotherapy as well as to consult Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) about my son’s medical problem. Duncan was assigned to Mr. Gundeep, the physiotherapist.

Prior to coming to AktivOrtho, the child had undergone a physiotherapy session at some other clinic. He did not enjoy the experience over there as he was part of a group and there was no personal attention being given to address his problem. However, at AktivOrtho, Mr. Gundeep aided by other staff, could manage Duncan’s problem with a great deal of sensitivity and patience by indulging in one-to-one sessions. This motivated the child to a great extent and Duncan thus started looking forward to his sessions with the physiotherapist. Now Duncan’s core is much stronger and he is not sloppy while performing a task and is also more focused in school. Mr. Gundeep also worked on my son’s fine motor skills which have led to a better handwriting of the boy.

The treatment approach at AktivOrtho is distinctly different. Rather than following a standardized regimen, the ailment is thoroughly deliberated upon by Dr. Mueller and his team and thereafter, the rehabilitation process is customized as per the patient’s medical condition and requirement thus making it individualized. By taking cues from the patient and then deciding on the rehabilitation program progressively, makes this approach at AktivOrtho stand out.

Comments by Physiotherapist Mr. Gundeep

Duncan Galley was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and he was put under my care for rehabilitation. After evaluation of the patient’s medical state, a treatment plan was finalized, which commenced with sensory integration therapy including vestibular and proprioceptive training. Coordination exercises with the core as well as back strengthening exercises were also an essential part of the program.

With constant encouragement, motivation and undivided attention, the boy attended all sessions regularly. By customizing the rehabilitation program as per Duncan’s medical requirement, the improvement has been profound. Earlier, his dynamic balance was poor and he used to bend forward and look for support by leaning against the wall or a table. Now he is able to maintain a correct posture for a long time and his core and back muscles strength has improved considerably. Progress on gross and fine motor skills is reflected in the improved handwriting of the patient.