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Ms. Urmila Saran Singh
Patient at AktivOrtho

´Now, I am able to walk for an hour without any pain and climb the stairs as well. Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) and his team, have helped me avoid surgery. A big thank to all of them!´

When I first visited AktivOrtho™ in May 2014, I was scheduled for major back surgery*. I decided to go through with these procedures after two years of treatment in an attempt to avoid an operation. It was at this time that my granddaughter, who lives in Berlin and had heard of Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD), recommended that I consult him. I met Dr. Mueller on 10th May 2014 and I soon began to see and feel a lot of positive changes in my health. After a month of treatment with two physiotherapists, I was pain-free.

The numbness from my hip down to my knees after a mere two-minute walk worried me and this was probably the reason why surgery was advised. This lack of feeling was a new development that manifested itself in early 2014 and the fear that I would see an increase in my neurological deficit perhaps led/contributed to the bowel and urinary incontinence. It is all over now.

Now, I am able to walk for an hour without any pain and climb the stairs as well. Dr. Mueller and his team have helped me avoid surgery. A big thank to all of them!

*L4 to S1 decompression, spondylolisthesis reduction, instrumental fusion and cement augmentation. Spondylolisthesis is the forward displacement of a vertebraInstrumental or spinal fusion is a process of using a bone graft to help two opposing bony surfaces grow together.Cement augmentation is a very useful technique for fixing implants.

Comments by Physiotherapists Ms. Lipi Verma & Mr. Abhishek Kumar

”Mrs. Singh came to AktivOrtho with severe back pain which radiated down her right leg. The pain was preventing her from performing most of her daily chores, especially gardening, which she is very fond of. She could not stand or walk for long periods.   Her family had even placed posters around the house with a gentle warning – “Do not bend!” to remind her of her backache and of what they thought was the cause.

As soon as we met her (the day of the first session), she asked us a variety of questions e.g. “Will I ever be pain-free?  Will I be able to bend forward?  Will I ever be able to walk like I did before?” For all of her tense questions our answer was always – “Yes!”

We started with manual therapy and pain-relief treatment, then we introduced a strengthening program specifically tailored to address her condition and symptoms. Under Dr. Mueller’s supervision, we were able to help her learn the right way of performing her daily chores, including those where she needed to bend forward. Our therapy was 100% effective thanks to her dedication. She came regularly to her sessions and did the recommended home exercise program (HEP) every day.

Now, she walks for 1 hour every day and can do all her routine activities. She resumed her passion i.e. gardening and takes care of a staff of 55 workers in her school without any pain.”