Testimonials - Spine - Back Pain

I heard about Aktivortho from a friend. I came here because of my back pain. The quality and care at aktivortho is Good. I have understood the importance of exercises and flexibility. The metabolic plan has also helped me a lot.

Comments by Physiotherapist Pallavi Jain

Mr. Sherwani visited Dr Mueller with a complaint of upper back pain. We found that he was very stiff and hypomobile in his joints and had inflexible muscular complex. With a lot of manual therapy for mobilizing his joints and stretching, mobility and flexibility exercises followed by strengthening exercises, we were able to make Mr. Sherwani pain free and he was able to do his daily activities without any complaints.

´We were able to make Mr. Sherwani pain free and he was able to do his daily activities without any complaints.´

Mr. Virendar Rana

I was suffering from severe back problem and visited AktivOrtho in June 2015. After analysing my medical problem, the way Dr. Mueller and his team applied themselves while diagnosing my ailment and formulating the treatment regime, has been thoroughly professional. The overall approach towards patient management right from the beginning is truly scientific which is ably supported by the most modern equipment used by a team of well trained professionals. Having sought treatment from many medical institutions earlier, I realized that the staff at AktivOrtho is much more knowledgeable and the approach towards patient management is structured on scientific parameters. I feel much better and the improvement achieved has belied my expectations.

Comments by Physiotherapist Ms. Deepali

Mr. Rana was diagnosed with hypomobile lumbar spine and SIJ dysfunction along with reduced pelvic mobility. After due assessment, his treatment plan was designed which initially commenced with lumbar and SIJ mobilization. Thereafter, manual myofascial releases were resorted to followed by core strengthening exercises. Training with Swiss ball and wobble board was a constant feature in the entire regimen, which helped the patient in achieving overall balance and proprioception. Persistent core and lower limb muscle strengths have helped him to attain an erect posture and balanced gait pattern. Mr. Rana is now able to play golf in an accomplished manner due to increased mobility in his left SIJ and pelvic region. He is definitely a more confident man with vibrancy in his demeanor.