Testimonials - Spine - Cervical Radiculopathy

Patient’s Picture

Mr. Rohit (Musaddi)
Patient at AktivOrtho

´I was assigned to Ms. Lipi Verma whose easy and affable demeanor instantly made me comfortable. Everything was so pleasant and cheerful that it made the whole experience a stress-free one.´

Mr. Rohit (Musaddi): I came to AktivOrtho almost a year ago with chronic severe back pain which was preventing me from playing my favorite sport, tennis. Before coming to the centre, I had sought treatment at another clinic where I underwent electro-modality as well as doing some stretching exercises. I experienced temporary relief for just two to three days without any permanent cure. It was then that I learnt about AktivOrtho.

I was assigned to Ms. Lipi Verma, a physiotherapist at the centre. She has been extremely sensitive and thoughtful while handling my queries and issues and uses her knowledge, experience and dedication to personalize the therapy according to the patient's requirement. The staff at AktivOrtho, under the guidance of Dr. Mueller, have ensured a clear diagnosis and focused treatment. I have felt a distinct improvement within a few sessions which has made me feel not only healthier but also confident enough to play tennis without fear of pain and relapse of injury. The overall experience has been unique indeed. By God’s grace, I have visited the right place which is incomparable to anywhere else.

Comments by Physiotherapist Ms. Lipi Verma

“The human body has amazing capabilities, the only pre-requisite is knowing how to optimise them”.

Mr. Rohit (Mussaddi) visited our centre eight months back as he was suffering from severe SI joint function that was resulting in severe back pain. At the end of the first session which mainly comprised of assessing and goal setting, it was recommended and mutually agreed that his initial treatment plan would focus primarily on the reduction of back pain as well as improving his mobility and fitness.

Next session onwards, resistance and sports-specific training was added to his program with a view to improve his fitness and he was symptom free by the end of the third session. After a re-assessment, he was marked fit to play tennis without any fear of injury. Due to the patient’s inability to do the recommended exercises at home and also not being able to come for the training sessions at the centre, the pain reoccurred although with lesser intensity. With a further plan of training using advanced and specialized spine equipment from Germany, we helped Mr. Rohit to develop strength and confidence to overcome recurrence of pain, if any.