Testimonials - Inclusion Body Myositis

Patient’s Picture

Ms. Ravina Srinivasan
Patient at AktivOrtho

´Before visiting AktivOrtho™, my condition was worse; I would fall down often, experiencing bad mobility leading to restricted outside movement. Here at AktivOrtho™, I found considerable flexibility and overall mobility - thanks to a dedicated, sincere team´

“My nephew, Karan Singh, had told me about AktivOrtho™. In December 2013, I made my first visit to the centre for treatment of my leg and arm weakness. I was suffering from a condition called ‘Inclusion Body Myositis’ (IBM) due to which, I had muscle weakness in my limbs. I used to fall down often and my mobility was badly restricted. I was afraid to go out. My arms had become weak and it was difficult to lift objects.

Although, I never visited any other medical institution, I had a physiotherapist but did not see much improvement.

At AktivOrtho™, I have seen a considerable improvement in my overall body flexibility and mobility. Ms Pooja Puri Bajaj was my physiotherapist from December 2013 to April 2014. During my treatment, I have gained overall muscle strength, improvement in balance, mobility, flexibility and confidence.

AktivOrtho™ team is dedicated and sincere. Their approach is personalised and is of better quality.

I realise that I have to continue exercising for the rest of my life. While earlier, I was disheartened and thought there was nothing I could do, now with Pooja's help I have found a remedy.

Pooja is extremely sincere, intelligent and dedicated. She put her best to help me. She is able to use her knowledge and experience to personalise the therapy according to a patient's requirement.

I shall come back to AktivOrtho™ when required and recommend it to my friends and relatives”.

Comments by Physiotherapist Ms. Pooja Bajaj

“Ms. Ravina Srinivasan visited our centre in December 2013, as she was a diagnosed case of ‘Inclusion Body Myositis’ (IBM) that resulted in the muscle weakness of her limbs. She was facing mobility issue and feared to venture out of her home.

After a detailed evaluation, we started with a strength training program which was graded to strength endurance training with core strategy, upper limb and lower limb strengthening. Our emphasis was on the posture correction. The major part of training was done in weight bearing position, which also aided in her balance improvement, along with static and dynamic balance training. A detailed patient education was done for joint protection techniques and she was trained for a home based exercise program.

Now, she is able to move faster; no fall since the beginning of our therapy. She can sit and get up from a chair with minimal use of hands and is able to maintain her balance in standing while rising from a sitting position. The patient is also able to maintain her balance on a narrow base of support and can walk independently on her toes and needs little assistance for heel walking. The patient feels more energetic and stronger and her posture has also improved”.