Testimonials - Spine - Lower Back & Shoulder Pain

Mrs. Manisha Priyam
Patient at AktivOrtho

´AktivOrtho is diligently focused on orthopaedic treatment excelling throughthe western approach. The variety of exercises and a highly equipped space were something I had never experienced before.´

“My friend, Kajal Singh, told me about AktivOrtho. In August 2013, I made my first visit to the centre with acute lower back and shoulder pain. I was suffering from Coccydynia (tail bone pain) and impingement at shoulder joint; my back and shoulder muscles were weak.

Earlier, I visited a couple of centres where there was less emphasis on exercise and rebuilding, only passive therapy was given.

At AktivOrtho, I experienced quite the opposite. Itis the quality of their manual techniques that has relieved my pain. The variety of exercises and their highly equipped space were something I had never experienced before. Here, passive therapies were given only when needed.

I have received very focused and diligent care at AktivOrtho. My physiotherapist, Ms. Nidhi Arora, has an empathetic attitude towards her patients. She is very sincere and patient-oriented.

I am certainly feeling better. The pain in my lower back and limbs has reduced and my pseudo-sciatic ache, which limited my movement, is almost gone. My muscles feel stronger now.

Their approach makes AktivOrtho a very focused institution. Once a time has been allotted and a patient has arrived, there are no delays - straight to the work. The physiotherapist also takes detailed feedback from thepatient about their experience as well as various other inputs. No shortcuts are taken– care and correct treatment are key.

AktivOrtho has given me hope and I am keen to get better by working hard.”

Comments by Physiotherapist Ms. Nidhi Arora

“Mrs. Manisha Priyam was in a lot of pain when she first came to AktivOrtho. She had been suffering from severe low back and hip ache, caused by pseudo-sciatica which had caused muscular compression.

She had also shoulder joint rigidity and pain as well as aches around her neck and hips.

Her initial treatment included six manual sessions (60 minutes each) for trigger release, myofascial release, lumbar opening, joint mobilization, sciatic nerve glides around her hips and gentle neurodynamics and muscular stretches.

The objective of the second phase was to focus on strengthening, including gluteal/hip strength training, spine training for back extensors, obliques, abdominals and lateral benders. We also did postural correction; ergonomic awareness; balance and coordination; shoulder/scapular setting exercises and cardio. Now, she is feeling very well and her pain has reduced substantially. Exercise has made her feel stronger.”