Testimonials - Paediatric Physical Therapy

Patient's PictureBenno Thermann
(Benno's parents shared their experiences on behalf of their son)

´The treatment approach at AktivOrtho is different. We appreciate that our physiotherapist, Ms Aditi Midha, takes her cues from our son instead of implementing a standard program.´

Movement Disorder/Scoliosis

“We learned about AktivOrtho from our German friends. Our son has a rare genetic condition known as “NGLY-1 deficiency”. We registered at the centre in June 2013 for paediatric physiotherapy and to consult Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD). Benno was assigned to Ms. Aditi Midha, a paediatric physiotherapist.

Before AktivOrtho,we did home-based physiotherapy for our son for a long time. AktivOrtho’s physiotherapy is on par with the treatment we received in Germany. In fact, scheduling is more efficient here.

Now, Benno has a stronger neck and his legs are beginning to dissociate. The treatment approach at AktivOrtho is different to another Delhi-based physiotherapist who provided physiotherapy for our son before we came to AktivOrtho. I do not think of the approach as western vs. Indian but rather standardized vs. individualised. We appreciate that Aditi takes her cues from our son instead of implementing a standard program”.

Comments by Physiotherapist Ms. Aditi Midha

“Some of the symptons of Benno’s rare genetic condition are global development delay, decreased tone and movement disorder.

We used neuro-developmental therapy, sensory integration, stretching and strengthening exercises through play and fun to achieve the targeted goals.

The patient has better posture control and reduced floppiness because of increased strength. Now he has greater neck control and kneeling power and can keep his back straight, so sit for longer periods. He has better balance plus stronger legs and arms for weight bearing with improved range and control of movement.

His scoliosis treatment was completed and the results began to become apparent before the patient left for Germany. He may return after a few months”.