Testimonials - Osteoporosis

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I thought I would need surgery.

I was transformed by the quality of care I received here – not just from the ‘state-of-the-art’ exercise equipment but by the high level of concern, encouragement and healing attitude at the centre.

- Ms. P.W
Patient, AktivOrtho

“I was in such despair! I had pain in my right hip joint and spent 3 years consulting homeopaths, orthopaedician and physiotherapists – all to no avail. Then I came to AktivOrtho.

I know that surgery was never the answer, and I have learnt how to manage myself with therapy and the right guidance. This is not to run down other practices or systems, but they just lack the kind of preventive care that makes all the difference.

As for Ms. Lipi Verma, PT, I am just so lucky to have found her! I have trained under her guidance for 18 months now. Her therapeutic skills and emotional encouragement has given me the ability to do for myself all the things I thought I couldn’t.

My best wishes to her and my extreme gratitude also to Dr Gerd Mueller, MD.”

Ms. Lipi Verma, Senior Physiotherapist, AktivOrtho

Ms P.W. had the typical osteoporosis symptoms that affect the spine and hips. Her body balance was disturbed and she lacked confidence even in her basic movements.

My initial goals were pain relief and psychological counselling for Ms. P.W.

We strongly believe in open interaction with our patients. We opted for a graded intensity plan for over six months that incorporated free exercises at the centre as well as exercises for her to do at home. Today, Ms. P.W. is much more functional in her movements and her pain is negligible.

Bones regenerate very slowly and improving bone quality and strength takes time, dedication and patience. At AktivOrtho, we aim to provide our patients with the best care and personalized support.

Together, we can reduce the effects of osteoporosis!

Patient’s Picture

Ms. Neeru Bahl
Patient at AktivOrtho

I was suffering from severe pain and swelling in both my knees, back and neck which prevented me from standing at ease. I also used to experience a great deal of discomfort while negotiating stairs especially while coming down.

Ms. Neeru Bahl

I was suffering from severe pain and swelling in both my knees, back and neck which prevented me from standing at ease. I also used to experience a great deal of discomfort while negotiating stairs especially while coming down. On the recommendations of the physiotherapist who was treating me at some other place and also by various orthopedic doctors, I chose to come to AktivOrtho.

The care taken by the physiotherapist Ms. Pooja Chabbra to understand and analyse my problem has been truly exceptional. What was striking in my rehabilitation program was that no machines were used for my treatment. By the use of hands and subjecting me to a regimen of exercises, I was treated effectively and to my full satisfaction. I was made to do exercises which helped in the mobility of muscles not used initially and this has made me feel more active. The approach and dedication of Dr. Mueller and his team reflects the level of commitment of this centre in addressing the complexities involved with patients. This is by far the best rehabilitation centre I have ever visited. I feel much better wherein I experience no pain and can stand easily as well as climb stairs comfortably.

Comments by Physiotherapist Ms. Samridhi Saxena

Ms. Neeru Bahl was experiencing lots of pain when she first came to AktivOrtho. She was diagnosed with bilateral knee pain which was more in the left side along with swelling. She was experiencing pain in her neck and back and her spine felt stiff. Mild osteoarthritic changes in both the knees and impingement in her left shoulder was also there.

After assessing her medical condition, we started with manual therapy and pain-relief treatment. Then we introduced a strengthening program specifically tailored to address her symptoms and condition. Her left knee and thigh was released and stretched along with mobilization, distractions and glides of both the knees. Simultaneously, we followed a comprehensive strengthening program for her hip muscles (gleet & abductors).

The second phase of the regimen was to focus on shoulder pain with MFR and exercises. For that we released her scapular and mobilized the shoulder and the cervical region along with the first rib. The hyper muscles were also made to relax. We also carried out postural correction and strengthening of the core as well. Now she is feeling stronger and her pain has reduced substantially. She is very regular with her sessions at AktivOrtho and there are significant improvements in her functional activities.