Testimonials - Paralytic Stroke

Mr.Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
Patient at AktivOrtho

´There is nothing like AktivOrtho™ anywhere in Delhi. There's a world of difference between Aktivortho™ and other centres´

“In 2000, I had a paralytic stroke. As a result, the muscles of my left leg were weak. Then, I was in Taiwan where physiotherapists were trained in very basic services. They were not good at all. But then, there were no orthopaedic rehabilitation facilities in India either. For years, I had struggled with the effects of my paralysis and lost all hope that I would never be able to get back to absolute normality. I had a problem with my gait. My left leg would drag as I walked due to paralysis.

As my wife was already having rehabilitation therapy at AktivOrtho™, I too decided to join it.

What I found different at AktivOrtho™
I have never seen a rehabilitation centre for orthopaedics like AktivOrtho™. There is a world of  difference. Dr.Gerd Mueller (MD) and his team follow a very systematic way for muscle strengthening. The pain I had suffered in my left leg and hip was removed completely at AktivOrtho™.

AktivOrtho™ is a world-class facility in physiotherapy; the machinery and equipment they use in rehabilitating the patients are excellent and there is nothing like this anywhere in Delhi.

I have recommended AktivOrtho™ to all my friends with any kind of orthopaedic problem and will continue to do so. I have benefitted from AktivOrtho™ and would like others to also benefit”.

Comments by Physiotherapist Mr. Yassar Nazar

“Mr.Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi first came to AktivOrtho™ in April 2013. His complaints were:  right hip pain, shaky left leg, left knee ache and swelling and left foot pain which he had developed having had a paralytic stroke in 2000. He liked to play golf which aggravated his symptoms due to walking and he had been unable to play tennis as well for a long time. There was also a painful interference with his other daily functional activities due to these symptoms.

A Comprehensive assessment
Mr.Bakshi’s rehabilitation program began with a comprehensive assessment of his symptoms which revealed a hypo-mobility of the joints in his entire left leg.  This was partly due to pronounced muscle tightness especially in comparison with his right side. Right hip symptoms were caused mainly due to the overuse and fatigue of the surrounding musculature as Mr Bakshi bore weight predominantly on his right leg. Apart from left leg weakness, it is quite possible that asymmetrical weight bearing between the sides also resulted from pain avoidance behaviour since Mr Bakshi reported increased pain on left leg weight bearing.

Focus on patient’s active participation
After setting the short-term goals which mainly comprised relief from pain, his treatment commenced with the techniques aimed at improving his left foot and right hip mobility as these were his main concerns. We also fully explained to the patient the cause of his symptoms, particularly of the right hip, in order to encourage his active participation in the treatment to prevent worsening of his symptoms.

Mr Bakshi’s symptoms were completely gone!
By the 3rd session, his left foot pain had reduced by 80 per cent, even when he was walking and playing golf. Since the patient’s symptoms had significantly improved by the 5th session, strengthening of muscles, balance, coordination and gait training were introduced. By the 14th session, his right hip pain and stiffness was improved by 75 per cent and after two more treatment sessions, Mr.Bakshi’s symptoms had completely vanished. However, at this stage, the patient’s rehabilitation program was stalled as his leave was over.

Group exercise session
He returned to AktivOrtho™ sometime later to resume his rehabilitation program and chose to be a part of our ‘group exercise session’ with another patient under a group exercise therapist”.