Testimonials - Spine -Sequestered Disc/Disc Sequestration

Patient’s Picture

Mr. Arvind Passi
Patient at AktivOrtho

´I opted not to go for surgery and relied on rest, ice and anti-inflammatories in the beginning and later — suitable stretching, exercise and movement.´

Mr. Arvind Passi: “I came to know about AktivOrtho while browsing on the net, looking for practitioners of myofascial release in Delhi. Early June 2013, I saw AktivOrtho’s website and thought that an assessment of the body’s kinetic chain and imbalances, along with trigger point release of affected muscles and a suitable exercise programme would help to overcome my movement limitations and pain.

I was suffering from sequestered L4-L5 inter-vertebral disc which occurred in June 2012 with lingering effects of stiffness, occasional muscle spasms and pain—mainly in the right leg, hip and gluteal area.

I also had weakness in the right foot which prevented me from running and even caused me to limp while walking fast.

Before coming to AktivOrtho, I sought treatment at another clinic, where I improved to some extent, but reached a plateau and was not able to move to the next level where I felt confident enough to do the activities of daily living and travel without fear of pain and relapse.

At AktivOrtho, when I was called for the first consultation, I was lucky to have a very patient conversation with Ms. Shikha Sharma, Physiotherapist, who impressed me with her approach and was also my therapist subsequently. In the initial assessment with Dr. Gerd Mueller, MD, I explained my condition and Dr. Mueller gave me some insight as to my problem and the confidence that I was in the right hands and could overcome it.

Thereafter, subsequent assessments with Dr. Mueller and therapy sessions with Ms. Sharma reinforced my first impression."

What was different about AktivOrtho, I found:

  • Frank, patient and knowledgeable answers to all my questions and apprehensions. No talking down to — that Doctor knows best and just do what you are told.
  • A caring and unhurried attitude which made me feel that there was no commercial interest — only the best interests of the patient.
  • A feeling that I am in the right place at the right time.

My condition is now improving constantly and is not only better than before the calamity of the sequestered disc but going back to a far younger age in terms of movement and comfort.

Mr. Passi finds the western approach of AktivOrtho, Dr. Mueller and his team significantly diverse from the approach followed by other facilities.

Ms. Shikha Sharma, Physiotherapist, comments about the rehabilitation treatment process followed:

Mr. Passi’s initial complaints were lower back pain, right leg pain, stiffness in the right buttock area, right foot drop and difficulty with walking. He also complained of pain and stiffness in left side neck and upper back area.

Treatment started with a comprehensive back and neck evaluation. The initial treatment goals were set to reduce pain and stiffness and to have normal range of motion in the affected joints. Strengthening for the right foot drop was also started right away.

After the patient achieved 80% of his initial goals in the first eight weeks, new goals were set. Treatment now focussed on spine training and getting the patient independent with all his activities of daily life (ADL). We also tried to establish a HEP (home exercise program) routine that would help the patient manage his symptoms and increase his strength.

At around 12 weeks, Mr. Passi was 80% better overall but still had some residual issues. A functional movement assessment was done and another set of goals were established. As we corrected his functional imbalance, he improved further.

At this point, Mr. Passi was evaluated by a sports’ therapist for advanced training. His HEP has been fine-tuned and he is still working with the sports’ therapist to improve his strength and return to high impact recreational activities.