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Ms. Archna Khatri
Patient at AktivOrtho

´I had been suffering from acute back and neck pain for the past five years and was diagnosed with Chronic Cervical Syndrome and Muscular Insufficiency of the Cervical Muscles.´

"AktivOrtho's state-of-the-art equipement meant to tend your Orthopaedic issues coupled with friendly affable experts keep your problems at bay"

Ms. Archna Khatri: “When my husband first read about AktivOrtho in the magazine section of the HT City last year, he was very keen that I should visit it as I had been suffering from acute back and neck pain for the past five years and was diagnosed with Chronic Cervical Syndrome and Muscular Insufficiency of the Cervical Muscles. Every morning, I would wake up with a very stiff back and neck. The pain radiated to my head, often making it difficult for me to pursue even mundane activities. It was quite frustrating for me as I have always been an active gym/ health enthusiast. I design garments, so my line of work involves long hours of work on the computer, travel and erratic schedules. In the past five years, I had visited a few clinics and had undergone several treatments and physiotherapy sessions consuming an impressive amount of painkillers for relief. The regimen did work for a while reducing the pain but it would invariably came back a few days later with the same intensity. 

When I first met Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD), he reassured me by saying, "There is a hope! You will be fine!"

I was assigned to Akshay Arora (PT) whose easy and affable demeanour instantly made me comfortable. I was given a tour of the ergonomically built centre with state-of-the-art equipment. Everything was so pleasant and cheerful, making the whole experience a stress-free one.

Despite all this, I started my sessions somewhat sceptically, having reasoned that there was no harm in trying. After the first 4 manual and passive therapy sessions, much to my amazement, the pain in my neck and shoulders reduced by 60 per cent. Akshay seemed to have magic fingers, which knew each problematic knot and stress trigger of my back. Gradually, exercises in the cardio room, special back and neck machine area (Spine Room) were added. I was taking 2-3 hour-long sessions per week. Imperceptibly, with each session, I felt stronger and my back felt lighter.

Here's what is different at AktivOrtho:

  • It is significantly different from any other clinic I had visited before. I realized the rehabilitation program offered here not only ensures relief from spasms of distressed muscles but also makes them stronger.
  • The physiotherapist helps you in becoming more flexible to ensure that in the long run you don't get easily fatigued by normal day-to-day activities.

After completing the requisite 30 sessions, the morning stiffness that had been such a "pain in the neck" was no longer there! I have resumed my gym exercises and much to my joy, I am leading a normal and active life.

I still visit AktivOrtho for fortnightly support- therapy sessions and have been taught simple exercises to do at home neglecting which makes the the occasional stiffness and pain erupt sometimes. But now, I am equipped to manage my pain with self-discipline. Professional guidance from AktivOrtho has helped me to break free from vicious shackles of distress and finally in being pain-free”.

Comments by Physiotherapist Mr. Akshay Arora

“Ms. Khatri’s main complaint was: severe pain and restriction in her neck movements. The pain had been travelling down her right shoulder and arm for the last couple of years. She had temporary relief with Magnetic Therapy before but it did not help her much. While Khatri is an active and gym-oriented person, she had not been able to perform her Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) for the last 3 years.

The initial Assessment was performed and her cervical muscles were found to be very stiff and joints were hypo-mobile. There were multiple Myofascial trigger points in her cervical muscles.

A comprehensive treatment, based on the first examination and assessment, started with Manual Therapy sessions comprising Myofascial release of her neck muscles, mobilisation of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine with stretches for releasing the stiffness from the neck musculature.

Ms Khatri responded well to Manual Therapy sessions and 60 per cent of her neck pain was gone after the first 4 sessions. She was completely pain-free in 4 weeks and was transferred to the second phase of Spine Training.

The Spine Training was continued for the next 8 weeks. This phase of rehabilitation was more focussed on strengthening her neck muscles which also incorporated functional movements. After 3 months of the rehabilitation program, she was given a few exercises to practice at home for maintaining her fitness level and to live a pain-free life”.