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Mr. Gursharan Singh
Patient at AktivOrtho

´The professional atmosphere, the spontaneous warmth, and the caring attitude displayed by every member at AktivOrtho Gurgaon was overwhelming and heartwarming.´

Mr. Gursharan Singh

“My first reaction on seeing your magnificent AktivOrtho Gurgaon center was the same as that of Emperor Jahangir when he first saw Kashmir and exclaimed [in Farsi], “Gar Firdaus bar rooyezaminast; hamiasto, hamiasto, hamiasto.” [If there is a Paradise anywhere on Earth; it’s here, it’s here, it’s here]

I had also sensed this well before we dropped in when I had interacted with your staff on the phone to get the general idea, later to fix our appointments, and finally when seeking road directions the day before our visit.

I visited AktivOrtho, Gurgaon to consult Dr. Chengappafor my knee pain.I live in Chandigarh and came especially for the consultation to your centre. On our departure from your beautiful world, we would like to express our sincerest thanks and gratitude for making our visit so exhilarating, eventful and memorable.

I would like to record my appreciation for the massive efforts that you undertook to plan out such an elaborate examination and then designed physiotherapy exercises specific to me.

My doctor specifically hand picked the Physiotherapists for me, and I totally agree with his judgment. I found them to be thorough professionals who continuously keep factoring in the physical condition of their patients as the exercises progress and add light flavor to liven up the exercises especially for the novices.

Mr. Akshay, my Physiotherapist gave me a printout of the Home Exercise Program, which would help me for my speedy recovery.

Once again, please accept our grateful thanks for putting us on the right path to good health.”

Comments by Physiotherapist Mr. Akshay Arora

“Mr. Singh’s main complaints were severe pain and restriction in both knees. He was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the knees and severe Patello-femoral arthritis. The initial assessment was performed for his hip, knee and ankle.

Comprehensive treatment started based on the first examination and assessment. The initial phase of the treatment was to make him practise a few posture correction exercises and self myofascial releases with the help of a foam roller. Stretching exercises were also advised to reduce the stiffness from the lower limbs.

Active training was continued for his strength, flexibility and endurance. This phase of Rehabilitation was done by giving and practising a home exercise program which incorporates functional movements. Mr Singh will continue his home exercise program in Chandigarh. We wish him a quick and lasting recovery.”.

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Ms. Pallavi Deshpande
Patient at AktivOrtho

´Most places look at addressing issues in a superficial way which is not the case with AktivOrtho. Several of my issues, that had gone unnoticed till now, have been addressed at AktivOrtho.´

Ms. Pallavi Deshpande

“I came to know about AktivOrtho through Dr. Rajen Ghadiok, a long standing business associate and personal friend of my father’s. I was suffering from acute pain in my knees and was also looking for weight management solutions so I came to AktivOrtho in the first week of April, 2014.

To start with, Dr. Rana Chengappa gave me an exact diagnosis of my knee pain as ‘genu valgum with flat feet’. He also pointed out the attributing factor as ‘concentration of fat on the lower body’. To follow it up, Akshay Arora, my physiotherapist, has persistently and consistently worked with me to help me attain my fitness goals. Subsequent assessments with Dr. Chengappa and therapy sessions with Mr. Arora really improved my health status.

What was different about AktivOrtho?

  • The striking feature about AktivOrtho’s service and care is the emphasis on reaching a logical conclusion about the root cause of an ailment or a medical condition and then striving to resolve that identified cause.
  • Most places look at addressing issues in a superficial way but this is not the case with AktivOrtho. Several of my issues, that had gone unnoticed till now, have been addressed at AktivOrtho.

I am confident that I am on the path of sustainable and holistic weight loss whilst also strengthening my knees and building muscle strength. Over a period of two months, I have experienced very visible transitions in my body; I feel much fitter, active and full of life. Through my dedicated and supportive physiotherapist’s efforts, I have been motivated to be quite regular with my training sessions and hope to achieve my advance fitness goals very soon at AktivOrtho”.

Comments by Physiotherapist Mr. Akshay Arora

“Ms. Pallavi Deshpande’s initial complaint was severe knee pain, more in the left side than the right, for the last 2 years. However, the last 4 days before the consultation were unbearable for her and she was experiencing severe acute pain in both knees. The pain frequency was variable as the pain came and went during in the last 2 years. Climbing stairs and walking long distances was aggravating her pain in the knees. She joined a gym for the last 6 months but could not see any difference in her condition.

Treatment started with a comprehensive knee and whole lower limb assessment. The initial treatment was focussed on reducing her pain, stiffness and gaining a normal range of motion in her knee. After the initial assessment, some posture correction exercises were also given for her poor standing posture which was aggravating her knees.

After the first six weeks of manual therapy, her pain levels and main complaints were greatly improved. Manual therapy treatment involved myofascial releases around her knee muscles and whole lower limb muscle releases were carried out for biomechanical chain correction.

She is currently performing strengthening exercises such gluteus muscle strengthening and intrinsic foot muscles exercises, followed by working on hip and knee joint stability and a strengthening program twice a week. She has progressed very well in her fitness goals and has joined the metabolic balance® program at AktivOrtho for her weight management. She feels no pain now when climbing stairs. Recentlyshe even went for a 6-7 kms trek in the mountains and successfully completed it without any pain. She is very regular with her sessions at AktivOrtho and improvements in her functional activities are very significant”.

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Mr. Graham Knight
Patient at AktivOrtho

´ I suffered from a painful inflammation of the arch of my right foot and heel as well as pain from the small muscles that support the joint of my right knee having taken some long walks over rough ground.´

Mr. Graham Knight

AktivOrtho gives you a holistic approach leading to a win-win from painful Orthopaedic ailments

Mr. Graham Knight “I was introduced to AktivOrtho by a colleague who recommended the centre for treatment of my wife's knee problem. I suffered from a painful inflammation of the arch of my right foot and heel as well as pain from the small muscles that support the joint of my right knee having taken some long walks over rough ground. I felt one of my legs was overly dependent on the other and so, I was taking a longer time to recover than what I would have expected.

This pain in my knee made it very painful to climb or descend from irregular, high or steep steps. As my wife had benefitted from her treatment at AktivOrtho, I thought it would be worth trying to see if they could help solve my problem after being advised to get some physiotherapy by my physician.

The treatment started with a myofascial release to loosen up my tight muscles so that I could make the best use of my exercise program devised to help me with movement, strengthening of my knee and to also build up core muscles and improve my posture. The whole program is designed to make the cure self-sustaining.

After 12 weeks of the AktivHealth Plan, I have less muscular pain because my posture is better and the core muscles are getting stronger; I am more active and more confident in what my body is capable of. This means that I am less likely to go back into the vicious circle of adopting strategies to protect a sensitive or painful limb which, in turn, leads to poor posture and more muscular pain.

Dr. Mueller and his team are significantly different from the approach followed by other facilities. I do consider that in taking a holistic (as in total body) approach and treating a patient in a manner that he is helped to achieve what he wants to, makes it a win-win situation. My experience has been a highly positive one and one that has made me more physically able now than I would have been had the focus been solely on treating my right knee and foot. I also think that the approach of the team leads to a greater sustainability of the success of the treatment in a patient's life.

The result has been that I am now able to enjoy walking and exploring towns and buildings without continuously having to worry that my right leg will ‘break down’ again”.

Comments by Physiotherapist Mr. Akshay Arora

"Mr. Knight's chief complaints were severe pain in his right knee and the arch of his right foot. He also had difficulty in walking for long distances and could not climb stairs.

His treatment started with a comprehensive back, knee and foot assessment. The objective of the initial phase was to focus on releasing his back, knee and foot muscles. These myofascial treatments increase flexibility to reduce pain and stiffness. The normal range of motion in his knee and foot was achieved in the first two weeks. A number of stretching and spine mobility exercises were also taught in the initial phase of the treatment.

After the first four weeks of manual therapy, his knee pain completely reduced and the arch pain was also resolved much. The second stage of the treatment process involved lumbar spine training, knee and hip strengthening with a few free exercises to incorporate some functional movements.

At around 12 weeks, he had completed his Active Spine Training religiously and was able to walk daily for long distances and travel pain-free. After the 12 week rehabilitation program, a Home Exercise Program (HEP) was advised and followed by the patient.

Currently, Mr. Knight continues to maintain his fitness level under our medical supervision at AktivOrtho. The new exercise plan involves more strength training for his lower back with balance and coordination exercises for further development".