Testimonials - Spine - Muscular Imbalance of the Lumbar Spine

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Mr. Kapambwe Nsenduluka
Patient at AktivOrtho

´AktivOrtho™ got me into better shape, made me slimmer and relieved my back pain.´

I heard about AktivOrtho™ from a patient who was referred to this facility by Dr. Surbhi Suden. I first visited in February 2013, to find out why I was experiencing strain in my back and chest muscles whenever I did any intensive exercise. After an initial examination, Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) told me that my back muscles were weaker than my abdominal ones and my backbone structure was not a normal shape (spine curvatures were altered and functionally deformed).

I was diagnosed with muscular imbalance of the lumbar spine and Dr. Mueller explained to me why I got sprains. I was assigned to Mr. Akshay Arora whose first aim was to correct my spinal structure and sort out the imbalance between my back and abdominal muscles.

Here's what I found different at AktivOrtho:
  1. A. I had previously visited a hospital in India for sprain treatment but was not examined the way I was examined at AktivOrtho. Before I was advised to do only moderate exercises during my workout, AktivOrtho trained me to do high-intensity exercises.
  2. B. Here, the quality and care I received was outstanding. I was made to feel welcome by everyone from the security guard at the main gate to every employee at the centre. You just want to go there again and again.

My hearty compliments to Mr. Arora (Senior Physiotherapist) and Ms Taranjeet Kaur (Senior Nutritionist and metabolic balance® Coach) whose personal consultations guided and encouraged me.

I felt a lot better within 12 weeks of treatment at AktivOrtho. Now, I look straighter, more symmetrical and slimmer. I cannot tell whether it was a western or an Indian approach but whatever it was, it is worthy of praise. Dr Mueller has a wonderful courteous team.  If only it was like this everywhere.

I have gained a better figure, useful knowledge on personal health and some great friends at AktivOrtho. I strongly recommend AktivOrtho to every patient seeking treatment for musculoskeletal problems”.

Comments by Physiotherapist Mr. Akshay Arora

"Mr. Nsenduluka’s main complaint was a recurrent, severe pain in his lower back and chest muscles. He also had difficulty in performing high-intensity workouts and used to get tired easily.

His treatment started with a comprehensive back and neck assessment. The objective of the first phase was to release his lower back and chest muscles, to increase flexibility and reduce pain. The normal range of motion in the thoracic and lumbar spine was achieved in the first four weeks. A few stretching and spine mobility exercises were also added to initiate some functional movements.

After the first four weeks of manual therapy, the pain and stiffness in his lower back disappeared. The second part of the treatment involved lumbar spine training and a few free exercises to strengthen his lower back muscles and core musculature.

After around 12 weeks, he had completed his active spine training with determination and was able to perform moderate to high-intensity workouts thrice a week. We then advised a Home Exercise Program (HEP).  The patient followed this and has benefitted from substantial long-term benefits”.