Testimonials - Sports Medicine/Injuries - Severe Back Problem (Bulging at L4, L5)

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Mr. Manik Datta
Patient at AktivOrtho

´Within a month of my first visit, my condition has improved by 90% and my pain has gone. AktivOrtho™ is one of the few centres in the world that offers comprehensive solutions.´

I am a squash player and I had a severe back problem (bulging at L4, L5), which was hindering my game. I could not play squash for about 7-8 months. During that period, I visited many doctors and centres to cure my pain, but to no avail.

I had visited 15-16 facilities in India and overseas but found no relief or solutions, then I heard about AktivOrtho™. Within a month of my first visit, my condition has improved by 90% and my pain has gone. The combination of training, rehabilitation and the metabolic balance® program has helped me to regain my health and fitness.

AktivOrtho™ is one of the few centres in the world that offers comprehensive solutions. It has some of the best physiotherapists who have a truly professional approach towards their patients. AktivOrtho’s world-class quality and care extends to its rehabilitation services.

Less than a month of training took away my pain! I am back playing sport and also getting fitter day-by-day. I would never hesitate to recommend AktivOrtho™ to anyone with orthopedic conditions.

Thank you AktivOrtho™!

Comments by Physiotherapist Mr. Yaasar Nazar

“Mr. Manik Datta came to AktivOrtho™with lower backache and a shooting pain in his right leg. His additional symptoms included lower back stiffness and occasional pain in his right foot. Due to the high irritability and sensitivity of his symptoms, he was unable to do many activities-of-daily life. Because of his pain, he could not play squash, which he had played at competitive level for 8 months.

At the end of the 1st session, which mainly comprised of an assessment and goal setting, it was mutually agreed that his initial treatment plan would focus primarily on the reduction of his leg symptoms and lower back pain besides improving his joint mobility and fitness before commencing active training.

Mr. Manik achieved about 40% improvement after the 1st treatment session which doubled after 2 more sessions. Initially, the treatment sessions comprised of only hands-on techniques, particularly manual therapy and nerve mobilisation to relieve his pain and improve his mobility and flexibility. Since he felt significantly better after the first four treatment sessions, we introduced static cycle training into his rehabilitation programme to enable him to regain his cardiovascular fitness which was one of his goals. This also provided us with vital information about his response to active rehabilitation. As there were no adverse reactions, the static cycle was continued in the following sessions.

Mr. Manik was symptom-free by the 9th session when we added resistance and sport-specific training to his program with a view to improving his sports fitness. After a re-assessment, he was deemed fit to return to low-intensity squash which did not exacerbate his symptoms.

Mr. Manik continued to improve during his training and achieved all his goals within the prescribed course of rehabilitation. At the end of recommended training plan, he could not continue his training at AktivOrtho™because he had to pursue his studies in the US. However, he was given comprehensive instructions about how to continue his training. During a short visit to India, he visited AktivOrtho™once again for a re-assessment and more instructions”.