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Ms. Vanda Antelava
Patient at AktivOrtho

´ I have to say that apart from the medical perspective which is brilliant, I am just really struck by the atmosphere and the attention to detail that comes from everyone.´

World class service and attention to detail leaves you without a scope for complaint. A Jaw- dropping Ortho clinic. An international standard clinic like this in India- an exciting achievement. An "Aktiv" balance between mind and body

Ms. Vanda Antelava “For the last 5 years, I have been suffering from severe back and neck pain, especially during the evenings, as well as muscular stiffness and constant night pains, making me unable to continue my daily fitness regime and day-to-day functional activities.

Then I made a visit to India to see my daughter. She tried to ensure that I saw someone who could understand my condition to an extent that I got treated from ground zero and help avoid further deterioration of my health.

By god’s grace, as of now, I have visited the right place in India which is in-comparable. “I believe as I see”. I just have to tell you how impressed I have been with what you have achieved. Your clinic is sort of jaw-dropping.

AktivOrtho’s physiotherapist (Ms. Nidhi Arora) has been extremely attentive and thoughtful while handling my queries and issues. Apart from the clear diagnosis and focused treatment, it has been a unique experience with many surprise elements beyond what one came for. I can't even begin to imagine how hard you must be working to make this happen; what an extraordinary achievement.

I have to say that apart from the medical perspective which is brilliant, I am just really struck by the atmosphere and the attention to detail that comes from everyone. You know even in the most positive India experiences when it comes to service, there is always something that isn't done quite right and leaves you slightly disappointed. I think your clinic is the only place where I haven't gone away feeling that.

I have experienced excellent improvement within a few sessions. I see the change of not only feeling healthier but am also amazed at how one can learn to re-educate one’s muscles and movement capabilities and strike an “Aktiv” balance between one’s mind and body.

My aches have nearly vanished leaving me more aware of what I am capable of. I cannot thank you enough, as even after I leave, I still can continue and maintain all I have achieved, and a lot more by the great help I got through your specialised condition-specific Home Training Program”.

Comments by Physiotherapist Ms. Nidhi Arora

“Ms. Vanda came with chronic back and neck pain, severe fatigue and night pains which persistently stressed her and made her feel worse while performing her daily functional activities.

We diagnosed her with osteoporosis, muscular dysfunction, spinal imbalance and myofascial pains.

As a result of her poor posture and spinal condition that we diagnosed as Baastrup’s Spine*, we planned a suitable range of rehabilitation techniques starting with initial sessions of manual therapy to achieve:

  • Myofascial release 
  • Lumbar mobilisation
  • Restoration of spinal mobility and posture

This was followed by core-activation training and strengthening to support her back better, restoring functional abilities. Balance co-ordination training and weight bearing exercises were also used to trigger bone density build-up to address her osteoporosis condition.

Later, we progressed her plan to include strength conditioning as she was out of pain and felt more energetic with no more medication and fatigue symptoms.

It’s never too late or too difficult to gain what your body already possesses; it’s all about the right guidance and will-power.  We, at AktivOrtho, always aim to give our best to get you through.”

* Baastrup’s spine is an orthopaedic and radiographic condition which often attacks the elderly. The symptoms are: enlargement of the posterior spinous projections of the lumber spine with normal intervertebral disc height and neuroforamina.  

Mr. Gaurav Khaitan

I was suffering from pain in my back and also had an issue regarding muscular imbalance. Having been to other institutes where no relief was experienced, I came to AktivOrtho in November 2015 after having learnt about it ‘online’. Apart from the therapy in the centre being highly effective, what stands out is the dedication and professionalism practiced by Dr. Mueller and his team. The manner in which a patient’s problem is analyzed and treatment decided only shows the efforts taken by one and all to remain constantly updated. The equipment used is modern and technology is utilized in the most beneficial manner. My physiotherapist Mr. Suryamani has been most dedicated and patient, which spurred me to adhere to the stipulated regime cheerfully. My problem has been solved and I am very satisfied and proud at being able to maintain an erect posture. Undoubtedly, I recommend AktivOrtho to my family and friends.

Comments by the Physiotherapist Mr. Suryamani

Mr. Khaitan came to the centre in November 2015 and was diagnosed with muscular imbalance. A treatment plan was formulated which included myofascial releases and stretches, core training, balance and stability training and plyometrics (high intensity exercises) in a progressive manner. With active involvement of the patient and regular monitoring of the progress made, the regimen was modified suitably. Resultantly, the patient is able to squat fully which was not the case earlier. Due to improved muscular strength, he is also now able to maintain an erect body posture which has helped to improve his balance and gait. Today, Mr. Khaitan is a confident man who is sure of the physical capabilities of his body.

Neck Pain

Mr Hayno Jan: I came to AktivOrtho 18 months back with nagging pain in the left side of my neck, which radiated down my left arm to the fingers of my hand. This used to often make it difficult for me to do routine activities. My posture was not correct and I had to bend forward and walk. I was unable to do small things like standing straight against the wall and it was not possible to touch the wall with my hands and feet while standing against it.

I was assigned to Ms. Lipi Verma whose easy and affable demeanor instantly made me comfortable. Everything was so pleasant and cheerful that it made the whole experience a stress-free one. Ms. Verma seemed to have magic fingers which knew each problematic knot and stress trigger of my neck. The effect was so reassuring that I felt like a different person. I took two to three hour long sessions per week and with each session, I felt stronger and my neck felt lighter. Undoubtedly, Dr. Mueller and his team, by their personal indulgence, have carved a niche for themselves. I still visit AktivOrtho for support therapy sessions and have been taught simple exercises to do at home as a result of which, now I am devoid of pain.

Comments by Physiotherapist Ms. Lipi Verma

“It’s important not only to get over the ailments but also to maintain one’s health by exercising constantly. It’s not a one time quick fix, one needs to work out the right muscles to remain healthy and we here at AktivOrtho, with our proven expertise, are able to help you know the right muscles to exercise”.

Mr. Hayno’s main complaint was that he was experiencing pain in his neck and was resonating down the fingers of his left hand. A comprehensive assessment of the patient’s neck and left hand was carried out and it was determined that he was suffering from cervical radioculopathy which resulted in poor posture and a spinal condition. We planned a range of rehabilitation techniques starting initially with sessions of manual therapy to achieve mobilization of the nerves and cervical spine. This was followed by training and strengthening exercises to support the back eventually leading to better posture.

After a few months of the rehabilitation program, Mr. Hayno could easily stand against the wall absolutely straight and was able to maintain a better posture. He no more complains of discomfort nor recurrence of pain. He is following a home exercise program and also comes regularly for his training sessions twice a week for maintaining his fitness level and to live a pain-free life.

Mr. Sanjeev Singhal

I came to AktivOrtho in September 2015 due to severe pain in my neck and shoulders. The centre was recommended to me by our doctor, Dr Puneet Rehani. I had been to a medical institution earlier, but the treatment there provided me only temporary respite since there was little emphasis on strengthening of the body. My physiotherapist Ankita, has been able to indulge me in body strengthening exercises regularly, which has helped me to a great extent. The professionalism and dedication displayed by Dr. Mueller and his team coupled with the ambience at AktivOrtho have been awe inspiring which makes a patient feel “reassured”. The western approach, quality of care and even the follow-up is truly a memorable experience. There is a vast improvement in my condition and I feel good.

Comments by Physiotherapist Ms. Ankita

Mr. Singhal was diagnosed with upper cross syndrome, myofascial tightness and trigger points. His first rib was hypo mobile and he also had thoracic kyphosis. A comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s cervical, spine, shoulder and posture was carried out. He was experiencing pain around the neck and had been having recurrent episodes of headaches for the past 10-15 years. The initial objective of the rehabilitation program was to make the patient pain free by muscle activation. This involved mobilization of cervical, thoracic, shoulder and myofacisal release techniques along with trigger points releases and stretching of neck and shoulder.

Slowly, as the patient started gaining strength in his neck and scapula, strengthening of the whole body chain commenced which involved the shoulder, core, hip and the knee. In the rehabilitation program, apart from strengthening of the neck and core, advice on correct posture was also included. Mr. Singhal’s episodes of headaches have stopped, muscle strength regained to quite an extent and he has understood the concept of core and ideal posture. He has also been made aware about the specific muscles to be addressed when exercising at home. He now feels much more confident in doing daily activities.

Mr. Yudhvir Singh Rana

I was suffering from pain in my neck which was deblitating. About five years ago had visited a doctor in Gwalior who prescribed medicines for my ailment but there was no respite. It was then that I was recommended by an acquaintance to approach AktivOrtho. On coming to this centre I could smell professionalism in the air. The manner in which Dr. Mueller and his team diagnosed my medical condition and designed the rehabilitation process, was thoroughly scientific and what stood out was the fact that information was shared with the patient on a regular basis. By sheer indulgence and constant encouragement by the physiotherapist Mr. Sumit Arora, I can proudly state that I have achieved an improvement of 90%. The neck movements are free and even the pain is non existent. The quality of care and personal attention given to each patient is truly praiseworthy.

Comments by Physiotherapist Ms. Sumit Arora

Mr. Rana was diagnosed with cervical muscle insufficiency. Accordingly, after a detailed analysis, a treatment plan was designed keeping in view the patient’s ailment. Initially, manual releases around the neck and thoracic spine were given to lessen the pain. When there were signs of improvement, the postural misalignments were corrected by following a targeted exercise regime. He was also educated about the benefits of maintaining a correct body posture. By constantly exhorting the patient to follow the laid down regimen regularly, an improvement of about 90% was experienced by Mr. Rana within five sessions of therapy. The pain in his neck has been cured and he has been advised about certain specific exercises which he can do at home to maintain the correct posture. Today he is a vastly confident person who is relieved and can move his neck freely without any inhibitions.