Testimonials - Weakness of Limbs

Patient’s Picture

Mr. Onwukwe Benson
Patient at AktivOrtho

“At AktivOrtho, the staff and physiotherapists have been so good and caring all the time. I liked the western approach of AktivOrtho and its state-of-the-art facilities. Now after my training, I can stand straight and walk a little”.

“I came to know about AktivOrtho through my doctor, Dr. Surbhi Suden. She brought me to the centre on 19th June 2014. My legs were so weak that I could not walk.

Before coming to AktivOrtho I had treatment at another hospital. They did try to help but there was no visible effect, so I moved. Since coming here, I feel much better, and there is a definite improvement in my condition. Dr. Gerd Mueller (MD) and Dr. Rana Chengappa treated me very well and their words were very reassuring. The staff and my physiotherapist, Ms. Aditi Midha have been attentive and caring all the time. I liked the western approach, and the state-of-the-art facilities at AktivOrtho. Ms. Aditi worked very hard to improve my condition.

Now after my treatment, I can stand straight and walk a little. I think doctors should go out and educate patients more about the importance of physiotherapy because it can change people’s lives”.

Comments by Physiotherapist MS. Aditi Midha

“Mr Benson was diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) of the lungs in 2010. After 9 months of treatment, he had surgery for empyema thoracis of the right lung. It was during his treatment that he first felt weakness in his left leg and it gradually started getting weaker after surgery. When Mr. Benson first came to AktivOrtho, he had difficulty while walking, progressive weakness in his legs and problems with his speech. He was also very slow at performing his daily functional activities with both his hands and legs though he felt no pain in his legs except a light ache on his chest where he had surgery.

The patient was initially started with gentle stretching and strengthening exercises along with sensory-neural integration techniques to control his pain, shaking of limbs and to clear his speech. He showed a prompt recovery. His muscle control improved and he could walk without pain. Then we moved him on to strength, endurance and proprioception or body awareness training, including core strengthening, balance, gait and functional integration training.

Now, he has better mobility, speech, balance and coordination. His muscle strength has improved but some degree of weakness still persists in his legs. No worsening of symptoms was observed during the course of his treatment and rehabilitation. Further rehab would address his remaining issues along with progressive muscle strengthening and speech training.

He was advised to continue with physiotherapy, regular icing and medication as prescribed”.

Patient’s Picture

Mr. Sunil Bhalla
Patient at AktivOrtho

I came to AktivOrtho in a state wherein I could not walk, sit, eat, bathe or even carry out other routine activities without being helped or supported by a dedicated attendant.

Mr. Sunil Bhalla

I came to AktivOrtho in a state wherein I could not walk, sit, eat, bathe or even carry out other routine activities without being helped or supported by a dedicated attendant. This condition had developed due to diabetes and the cervical spine, which in turn, had affected my nerves. A biopsy carried out earlier at Mayo, U.S.A., had revealed that my nerves were getting damaged. Fortunately, regeneration of the nerves had started and very limited progress was made in the rehabilitation centre where I underwent physiotherapy apart from being subjected to a strong dose of Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) and protein. On returning from U.S.A., my family members were on the lookout for a place where I could be treated effectively since my ailment required specialized care. I scoured the net and came across the name of AktivOrtho. We met Dr. Mueller and Dr. Pooja and after due consultation and deliberation, we decided to get myself treated at AktivOrtho.

I was entrusted under the care of Dr. Pooja, the physiotherapist, and what followed thereon cannot be expressed in words. Right from the initial diagnosis to analysis of the symptoms, the conduct of Dr. Mueller and his staff was an epitome of professional competence. The analytical approach, skill and personal indulgence of Dr. Pooja ensured that my discomfort melted. By her dedication, motivation and resolute attitude, I could be pushed to new heights and with every new stage, we strived to attain higher levels. Today I can sit, drive, use the laptop independently and walk with the help of a walker which was unthinkable before my treatment at AktivOrtho commenced. The holistic approach and overall ambience coupled with the involvement of the staff at all levels exude strong positive vibes which makes the centre a very well rounded clinic.

The very fact that patients want to come for the furtherance of treatment, undoubtedly makes AktivOrtho an automatic choice!

Comments by Physiotherapist Dr. Pooja

Mr. Sunil Bhalla came to AktivOrtho in October 2014. The detailed evaluation revealed that the patient was totally dependant for his daily routine activities like bed mobility, bathing, feeding, grooming as well as general mobility. He was diagnosed with polyradicular neuropathy and disseminated neuropathy as a result of which, he was confined to bed.

After deliberating on Mr. Bhalla’s complex medical condition and thereafter carrying out an assessment, he was initially introduced to bed mobility training, flexibility and strength training program. This was gradually upgraded to strength endurance training and emphasis was given on mobility, especially for managing pressure sore healing. Strength training was also imparted in gravity eliminated position as most of the muscle groups, after testing, were in grade II. This was gradually progressed to improve muscle strength and once good sitting balance was achieved, the patient was made to undergo extensive weight bearing activities. Mr. Bhalla’s left knee was going in hyperextension, which was controlled with customized knee brace. With right weight bearing pattern, his standing balance also improved. With continued treatment which led to a distinct improvement, the patient was constantly advised and trained for certain home based exercises also.

Today Mr. Bhalla is independent with bed mobility and activities of daily life. He can sit, walk with the help of a walker and drive as well. He can climb stairs and does not have to depend on a dedicated attendant. Mr. Sunil Bhalla feels confident, energetic, strong and more importantly, reassured of himself.